Competitive Advantage

Medical devices industry
According to the government of the United States of America traditionally smaller companies have been the most active and innovative in terms of I + D. Based on a research consultancy contracted by the FDA in 2006, the american small business have greater involvement in the I + D of new medical devices while the american large business provide organizational and financial resources to facilitate the commercial success of new products. The Pan American Health Organization said that Latin America and the Caribbean countries are important emerging markets for medical devices and equipment. Several of them in this sector has an annual growth of 10%. With few exceptions, countries import more than 80% of medical devices and equipment.

The promotion of initiatives and actions of the various participants in the development of national industry in this sector is of great importance. In April 2010 arises in Mexico Alandra Medical SAPI de CV, a company dedicated to the research and development of medical devices with a business model that is based on the acquisition, generation, incubation and technology transfer in medical devices. The company has managed to add value to four inventions of which one of them is closest enter the transfer phase. In order to improve the transfer capability, the Alandra Medical direction adopted the decision to implement a Transfer Office Model.

Alandra´s Transfer Office Model
Alandra Medical´s transfer office is located on a medical technology ecosystem, where different entities of the academic, scientific and private sector participate. Through a single window, media, technology monitoring processes and inner creativity, the transfer office monitors, captures and exploits innovative ideas for technological development through internal incubation processes, creation of spin offs and / or consultancy services oriented to the technological innovation and development. With this, the transfer office helps to attract new health technologies, capitalizing the research work that is primarily performed in universities and research centers. Also Alandra Medical´s transfer office has the ability to manage private sector resources for new developments through the platform of venture capital investment, Gerbera Capital.

Alandra through its spin-off in the United States, Critical Perfusion, has been developing knowledge transfer activities at the international level in the field of medical devices. All this activities are positive background and experience that strengthens the transfer office model.