Alandra in fulfillment of its vision, and related implementing key projects to accelerate the transfer of medical technology, has created the OT (Alandra transfer office)

Alandra´s OT mission is to highlight and accelerate the transfer results of Alandra research and development in a proactive and efficient manner.

This lists the following principles and services that frames Alandra´s Transfer Office Policies:


  • Confidentiality: Any Alandra´s researcher or staff that has a susceptible idea of ??becoming an innovation project or improvement will be forced to accept the conditions of the CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT, to enter it in the TO´s Contact page.
  • Benefit of the idea and project participation: Any idea selected by Alandra, that is supported for development, both at the idea promoters, as well as project implementers will obtain a share of the operating profit in the project market.
  • Idea participation: the idea promoter will be entitled to participate in the innovation project implementation or improvement derived of this.
  • Governance Model of Project Management: it reserves the TO, given the unique characteristics of the R + D + i projects.
  • Project team formation: if there is the need for external resources for project implementation, the TO will be promoted mainly through the TO´s group (group of transfer offices of technology from research centers, technological and universities of the CONACYT group ).


Contact us
Aranza Olivares, OT Manager
Tel. 6995-0405
Paseo de las Palmas 1715,
Col. Lomas de Chapultepec,
C. P 11000, México, Distrito Federal