Transfer Office

The Alandra Medical transfer office´s mission is the innovation and technological development in the medical device industry in Mexico through knowledge transfer, generation of new technologies and the link between academic research institutions and the private sector at national and international level.

According to its mission, the OT has the general objective to contribute to the generation of new health technologies with commercial potential, under quality systems and regulations in international markets. Today, we have the ISO-9001 and ISO-13485 certifications (Quality certifications in medical devices).

As part of fulfilling this objective the OT generates a link between universities, research centers, entrepreneurs, independent researchers and PYMES to manage innovation projects in health technologies.

Promotes the design, the development of new health technologies, through processes of incubation and / or creation of spin offs and / or licensing, derived from a joint venture between consulting research and technological development.

Spread the knowledge through participation in conferences, seminars, congresses, courses, scientific publications and consultancy services to various agencies in innovation and technological development in health technology.