The name “Alandra” comes from the spanish word that means the protector of men or the protector of mankind. In Alandra Medical we are committed with enhancing people’s health and the medical devices industry, through the support in the investigation processes, and the design and development of medical devices that will contribute to make health services around the world much better. Alandra Medical is a company funded by venture capital. Alandra Medical was created by the acquisition of valuable IP assets that required further development and the incorporation of a team of medical doctors and professionals highly skilled in biomedical engineering, design and clinical trials with years of experience in the medical devices industry.

In Alandra Medical we believe medical equipment and devices can enhance the quality of life of millions of people that suffer different diseases and illnesses. Nevertheless, the pathway for developing new technology for the medical devices industry requires experts that can assure the best results are obtained in every stage of the development process. Alandra Medical works with the highest quality standards. Since our foundation, we began defining the processes that make projects successful and taking into account the best practices within the medical devices industry to have capital efficiency. We want to partner with companies, universities, scientists and physicians that shares our vision and our committed to increase the availability of innovative medical technologies in the medical devices industry for making a healthier world.